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Virtual Parties

So you've done your launch party and have had a taste for parties.​

How are you feeling?

Most of our consultants meet their quarterly and personal monthly goals by doing parties for their hosts.

It's a great way to get those sales in at once and to build new connections, repeat customers, and possible recruits for your team!

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You can advertise  for hosts just like you advertise for anything else !

Your launch party is for your own network but when you want to do regular parties and need hosts, you don't want to always rely on your network to provide this.
There are customers out there all across the country who would love to host parties for some book rewards!

Especially during DOUBLE HOST REWARD periods! This is the perfect time to run paid or organic ads for hosts.

Graphics Training

If you're new to doing virtual parties, you'll need a couple of things for your party group!

Most of our consultants use Canva for making graphics because it's so easy to use once you know what features you really need, so check out this training video on how to create what you need for your party group:
- cover photo
- pinned post

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One of the most IMPORTANT things to note when doing any parties is to personally invite your guests.

What does that look like?

It means reaching out to your guests in the method and manner that is natural to you and simply saying:
"hey, I am having a book party and thought you might like to check it out! Here is the link in case you'd like to join. No pressure to purchase!"

Word the basis of this message in your own words. Simply put, you just want to share what you're doing and invite people to check it out.
It's that simple.
If you have a host, relay this important message!!


There are just a few important steps to prep for any virtual party:

1. Decide on a layout and date

2. Have some great info and graphics ready to share

3. Make it fun with games and even giveaways (if you can!)

Let's break it down some more!

Layouts are totally up to you (or your host - if you have one).

You can also switch it up. 

Sometimes it might be a one-day, all-day party, and another party might take 3 days. Even week long parties are not uncommon. 

What works for you or your host?



Break it down as to what you want to share and get people engaged with during a party. It's always best to keep it in a notebook or a virtual notepad. 

Put together your own party schedule to make it easy in planning your parties. You can tweak it if the party length changes. 


There is a lot of great content in Brandy's Facebook group that can be shared during parties. If you can't quite find what you're looking for but you're also not sure how to create it yourself, the group is also the perfect place to ask for collaboration on this so you can get help.

There are also a lot of great photos and graphics on our Consultant Downloads site so be sure to check that out as well when planning parties.

Barbie's Book Bash

This training group (link is to the left) is great for either a launch party or typical party that you would run for hosts. 

Feel free to use any games, graphics of write-ups, tweak anything you like...

It's important to build your own timeline for parties if you plan on having them regularly. Make it so simple for you that doing parties are no work at all!

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What is your primary focus right now? 

Maybe more connections that will lead to more customers? 

Maybe you want to start building your team?

Maybe you're looking to optimize your sales each month?

More Customers

Parties are great for helping you to get connected with people you otherwise would not really have access to. 

You can do virtual parties for anyone anywhere in Canada! 

This means no one is really off limits when you think about it, as people will invite their circle of friends and family and you also have a chance to showcase your business to all of them.

It's important that when you are connecting with people in a party and helping them to process orders or make book recommendations that you stay in touch! You never know when reaching out in the future could earn you regular sales. 


Showing your party followers how simple our parties are and how much fun it is getting free books, it really helps to show people who may be interested in joining how do-able this is for them as well. 

If your host isn't interested in joining, and this is something you should mention or ask during your early conversations, then make sure you let everyone know with the party that you love what you do and a bit about your business. 

Achieving a monthly sales goal!

Maybe you want to be volume qualified every month, or have a certain amount of sales you want to put through so that you can earn great commissions. Whatever your goal is, parties are a great way to achieve this as it's typically a lot of sales being processed in a short amount of time. 

That being said, if you really want to optimize sales, head over to the Google Drive to grab our Mega Party training graphics!

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Barbie's Book Bash

You can use anything provided in the example party group that our consultants have access to.

You can recreate any of those graphics as well to tweak them to your preferred colour scheme, wording, etc.


Most of our consultants use Canva for creating graphics and you can get a basic account for free.

You'll find a basic training video to the left. 

In Brandy's Facebook group you'll find more great tips and trainings on graphics as well. 

Sharing Graphics

A lot of consultants will post what they're working on to our Facebook group, and, of course, you'll see a lot of great stuff out there on a consultant's Instagram page or Facebook page. 

It's important to remember that another's consultants creations are not for the taking unless they have said other's can use it. 

It's also worth noting that when you are making your own graphics, mark them with your business name or logo. 

Party Games

So many direct sales companies use party games in their virtual or home parties. If you see something that could also work for our business, you can recreate it to be something you use for your own parties. 

We never want to just take a graphic or look from another company but repurposing what is out there is okay!

Get Creative!

If you have your own ideas, feel free to make your own branded games. If you'd also like to share them with the team, you can do that in our Facebook group.

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Home Parties

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