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So you've done your launch party and it's time to convert your group into your VIP group!

That's exciting!

Your VIP group is the place where you can share specials and offers that you can't share publicly online. Why? Because these are YOUR followers, and a private group allows you the private space to offer specials that won't conflict with what other consultants are offering.

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VIP Groups can bring regular, weekly sales

We have weekly new releases and every month we typically see books being restocked as well.
Sharing the release details can be a great way to get local weekly sales.

You can throw in free shipping for your local customers if you want!
You can offer a special and, of course, can process your orders through a party so that your customers get access to Customer Specials (or provide them with a party link)!

Share what's new and you'll find that customers that are hooked on certain types of books or a series will just keep coming back!

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One of the most IMPORTANT things to note when posting in your VIP group is to not come across as spammy!
What does that look like?

Only tag your followers if it's something you know for sure they won't want to miss!

Limit how many posts a day you're doing to avoid flooding news feeds.

Instead, be genuine, be human and just share the love!


After your launch party, change the name of your group (you may have to wait 28 days with a new Facebook group due to their policies tho) and thank your followers for tuning in to your launch party!

If you're creating a group for your followers for the first time and you're not a new consultant, simply reach out to your followers and customers and let them know you're hosting a private space in a Facebook group where you can share extra special discounts & info and, of course, some local sales as well.

It's all about what you will have to offer and share!

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You set the rules for you VIP group. 

That goes for how often you post, what you post, what you share of your life and business, etc. 

But what's best?

Setting expectations is important for VIP groups.

When are you telling your followers and customers that you're going to show up?

When works for you to be consistent? 

Whatever you choose stay committed! 

If you want to go live every Tuesday and read from a book or show something new you and your kids are loving about the business or the books, then set a time and show up every week!

In Direct Sales there is a very important rule they suggest you follow when engaging with your followers...

The 80/20 rule

It is suggested that 80% of your posts being shared are focused on something of value or create engagement. So what do you have to offer besides product?

Maybe you're a homeschooler and that is a very popular topic amongst parents. Share a great learning from home tip. Share how you stay sane in your teaching and parenting. Share something personal, share something real. 

Maybe you're a teacher! Or a stay at home parent looking to offer your kids a memorable childhood. Maybe you're a grandma that loves sharing stories of your kids and of books. 

Only 20% of your content should be sales-oriented. 

Sometimes that can be difficult if we have a busy week of great promotional content. 


Go live and share as much news as you can at once. You can include flyers in the comments! 

** Check out the Google Drive for a Content Calendar example and template **

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Typically your launch party / VIP group will consist of mostly local friends, family and acquaintances. 

This is normal and you can 100% expand on that, inviting new customers from anywhere in the country if you like, etc. 

But how do you get sales from your VIP group?

Every month there is a great opportunity to create something of your own to advertise. Let's quickly make a list as an example!

January - Valentine's pre-orders

February - "Mommy and Me" bundles

March - Spring bundles

April - National Poetry Month (specials and run a poetry contest)

May - Summer Slide bundle

June - Summer book club

July - Birthday book bags

August - Back to School bundles

September - Fall book club

October - Halloween book bags

November - Christmas pre-orders

December - Gift card purchases

That took 1 minute to plan.

Actually, no joke! 

It doesn't have to be complicated and you can add in as much as you want as long as you're also focusing on engagement posts and valuable content.

Other ideas?

Run giveaways or contests. 

Celebrate literary birthdays and the birthdays of your customers. 


Bundles are a great way to get sales!

You don't need a special holiday or occasion to put a bundle together. You can also do it just for fun! 

Great selling bundles: activity packs, storybook sets, combos of a bit of everything, a bundle designed for animal lovers, etc. 

And, as always, we recommend that you promote the items that you and your family love! What your family reads others will love!

What would you like to promote?

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Run a mystery host(ess) party several times a year!

What does this mean?

Run a party through your VIP group, similar to a launch party or a party for a host, but then do a draw when the party is over for the Winner of the rewards! 

You can do this during double host rewards, half for you and half for a customer, or maybe two separate rewards for customers! Whatever you want to do.

How does it work?

You set the rules! If you want a minimum purchase amount to get entered, as long as you lay out the expectations, everyone will be excited who participates.

You can even advertise the party locally if you would like to gain more VIP followers in your group. 

You can also promote this for different local companies. Maybe there are several daycares where you live. They can process orders through your party and then one of them gets to win some freebies for their centre. 

Whatever you come up with can work!

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