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It is super exciting to set up for an event of any kind.​

What kind of events are there?

Pop-ups, craft shows, trade shows, farmers markets, and more!

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Market Supplies  can help you on your faxes!

Keep your receipts - for everything!
Even your table fee is a deductible item.

So whether you decide to learn how to process your own taxes for the year or use an accountant, keep everything that costs money for your business and submit it with your taxes.

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One of the most IMPORTANT things to note when doing any events, is that you not only represent yourself and your brand but Usborne as well.

It's crucial that you:
act professional and respectful in any setting that represents yourself as an Usborne consultant!


For local events, there are two great places to look:

-> in print: local newspapers and bulletin boards

-> online: buy and sell groups, event groups

Being connected to people who share about event opportunities doesn't hurt either so start widening your network. 

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So how do you prepare for an event?

It's ultimately up to you how much stock you would bring to an event and how much promotional supplies you invest in. 

The most important items to bring:

-> bring a variety of stock (even if you only have your starter kit, it purposely has books for all different ages, in all different topics)

-> business cards (if possible - ordering online is the cheapest but shipping can take some time)

-> a banner (it's a great way to get your table noticed but again, will take investing money and time to receive it)

Other than that, some other items that are good to bring include:

bags for your customers, a calculator, a bag for any garbage, a pen and notepad, and something to keep hydrated!

If you also make anything handmade that goes well with your business and brand, it's great to include that as well!

- baked goods

- homemade tea blends

- baby knit items

- wooden kids toys

These are just examples! 

Signing up for events typically will have a fee!

It's often as little as $10-20 but it will vary depending on your location and how established that event may be. If it's a larger event like a conference or trade show, you're looking at a larger fee as well. 



Our consultants have found that some books sell better than others. Some are great at drawing attention to your table and others are kid favourites and work great as gifts. 

You'll see many event display photos in Brandy's team Facebook group but it's important to remember that some consultant's build their stock over a number of years. You are not expected to invest in a large stock simple to attend events. 

Most consultants build their stock from party rewards, discounted books and sales incentive winnings. 

That's not my.... series


Sticker books

Wipe Cleans

Storybook collections


Lift-the-flap books

Magic Paintings

What's important is to put a focus on what you love!

You'll not just be more educated on the books you're familiar with because you and your family love them, but you're likely to be more enthusiastic about the story, the illustrations, the quality of the book, etc. Passion sells! 

Check out the best sellers list! This is handy to go by as well. 

It's at the beginning of our current catalogue but if you don't have one handy, grab the flyer from your Virtual Office under Company Files.


Virtual Parties

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