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Book Club

Turn local customers and connections into repeat customers with a book club!

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Book club's are great gifts!

Make special promotions and graphics for back to school, Christmas, birthday's and anything else you can think of.

Offering a printed certificate for a book club if it is a gift is a nice touch as then they have something to gift before the books arrive.

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When promoting something new with a new business, one of the best ways to get attention is with bonuses, giveaways, extras, etc. 

Maybe every so many months you can include a bonus book, which you select from the Customer Specials, therefore only costing you 50% of the book value. 

** Keep in mind, Customer Specials are only available through party links, but ideally these types of orders you'd be placing through a party to claim the rewards **


You want to first think of your price points. Our books mostly fall into the $10.95-15.95 price range. 

That being said, depending on the age of the child, the books can definitely vary as you want to include books that cover topics of interest for them. 

You never want to say in your promotional ads or flyers that it would include a specific amount of books per month. 

The price points will be what you have to work around for the book club to be profitable.

So if you say it'll be four books a month at $40.00 (including shipping and taxes), it's only profitable if you have books on the cheaper side included. If the child is 13, that becomes harder to do as prices increase for the more complex books. 

It's always recommended to know the breakdown. Ideally you want to put in a party order for your book club, so that you're getting some of those books as rewards and therefore making a larger profit. 

Some consultants offer up a discount or extra book if the entirety of the book club period is paid up front. For example, if you're running a Summer book club, June, July and August at $35.00 a month for 2-3 books per month, you can do an even $90 for the three months if paid up front. Everyone does it slightly different so work out what makes sense to you! 

And if you want to switch it up for your next round when you advertise say a Back to School Book Club or Fall Book Club, you're able to change up the price.



It's always encouraged to include book covers in graphics that are in stock, but as book club books vary based on interests and age, it's not that important to ensure those titles are available (but they must be titles we do sell here in Canada).

What to showcase?

In your ads for a book club, you don't even have to show covers of books, though it's always eye catching to see them and it does give people an idea as to what they can receive.  

Highlight your cost, duration and rough quantity of books. Remember, we try to avoid setting expectations of a specific number of books! 

If you're doing a Summer book club, it looks great to have bright colours, and coordinating photos of Summer holidays. 

You get the drift?

Want some examples? 

Head over to the Google Drive for beginner graphics you can use! 

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Book clubs are such a personal subscription. 

Typically orders are going straight to the consultant for packaging and personalization. You can add cute stickers, bookmarks, etc. and even decorate the bag they're being picked up or delivered in. 

So how do we offer a special touch for our non-local customers?

Book Subscription Boxes

We have a lot of consultants who offer a flat rate for a monthly or bi-monthly subscription box to be delivered straight to a customer's door. 

How does it work?

You can offer whatever price points that work for you and for your customers. You can make it simple by offering $50 worth of books, plus the shipping and tax which comes out to about $63. Customers let you know the interests and ages of the child(ren) and you fulfill the order. 

How you discount it, if at all, is up to you. Some consultants offer a discount or free shipping on their first box. Some have an exact amount that they stick to, so maybe that amount would be $60 even and they eat the remaining cost (from commission). 

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