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Almost everyone is on Facebook, hence why you see so many sponsored ads, groups, pages and events.

That's great news for us!

A big benefit to a Facebook page is how versatile it is. You can filter followers into your VIP group from your page, you can run ads, you can share your page as a preview link on Facebook, and more!

** Check the Google Drive for a printable step-by-step process for creating a FB page **

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Facebook Jail exists

Your Facebook Page is connected to your personal profile. When you post in groups, you're likely posting as your personal profile and not your page.

It's important to note that Facebook has a security system in place to keep bots off of their platform.

This means that when you post often, or too fast, or do a number of things in a very short amount of time, you're likely going to see a notification that you can no longer perform that action.

That's Facebook jail!

You've been blocked from performing that action for as little as minutes, up to weeks!
This can definitely impact your business so follow our best recommendation on this:
Do bits at a time, even if you take a number of segments a day to advertise, etc., make sure you're not doing too much too quick!

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Your Facebook page and personal profile are connected to your new business.
That means it's important to keep it a positive space!
We all know how annoying it is to see so much negativity online.

We especially don't want to see it from business owners. Complaining just never looks good on anyone!

So keep your business page free from talk about politics, pandemics, and controversial conversations!


Your Facebook page link is the best link to share in any ads or posts on Facebook when promoting your business. 


Facebook, as you might suspect, does not want people to leave their site, hence why they will purposefully filter posts from news feeds. Posting an external link will not be shown as much as a Facebook page link, for that reason! 

So if you're sharing your business on a thread, in an organic ad (one that you're manually posting and has no cost), etc. use either your page's URL or tag your business page.

People that see the value in following your page because of content or sales can then easily find you and will see your posts in their feed.

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Share a bit of everything!

If you do events, share where you're going to be (and also share a video or photos of your setup!). Why is this important if most of your followers are not local? 

A business page has a number of goals: gain new followers, get new customers, create new connections and meet potential recruits. If someone is following you and the idea of doing events appeals to them, you are showing them what is possible. 

The same goes for parties! Show behind the scenes details that show just how easy the business is, but most of all, how fun it is!

The 80/20 rule

It is suggested that 80% of your posts being shared are focused on something of value or create engagement.

So what do you have to offer besides product?

Maybe you're a homeschooler - this is a very popular topic amongst parents. Share a great learning from home tip. Share how you stay sane in your teaching and parenting. Share something personal, share something real. 

Maybe you're a teacher! Or a stay at home parent looking to offer your kids a memorable childhood. Maybe you're a grandma that loves sharing stories of your kids and of books. 

Only 20% of your content should be sales-oriented. 

Sometimes that can be difficult if we have a busy week of great promotional content. 


Go live and share as much news as you can at once. You can include flyers in the comments! 

If you have a special event you're running in your VIP group, share the link on your page so that new followers since your last special or event can also join.

Share repurposed content so that the value is coming from your page, as opposed to sharing another page's post or a post from someone you follow. You can still give them credit in the post for the inspiration, especially if the content is very similar!

** Check out the Google Drive for a Content Calendar example and template **

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There are a variety of ways to get noticed on Facebook. You can find many local and non-local groups to get into where you have permission to advertise. These can be market groups, buy/sell groups and business groups. 

Market groups are great for finding out about events, whether online or local in-person events. Buy/sell groups are out most used groups, 

Business groups can be a great way to get connected to other local businesses or people who may assist you in your business. 

Most of our successful consultants start out by manually posting ads daily in groups. 

Whether you're recruiting, looking to share your business page, sharing a special that you created, it's always a great idea to include your link for your business page or simply tag it.

Paid ads!

Whether you're just starting out or have established your book business, running a paid ad is a great way to get not just followers but potential customers and recruits. 


There are a number of ad types that we commonly use:

-> boosted posts (which is essentially an ad converted from a post you've done on your page)

-> a dark ad (an ad created behind the scenes and it does not appear on your business page)

--- dark ads include ads aimed to get more page likes (what we call a Likes Campaign), more messages, more leads, etc. You get to choose what your ad type is based on your goal. 

** Search through the Facebook guidelines in how to process an ad. They update this regularly so double check with current steps to be sure you don't miss anything. **

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Complete your page details!

Fill in the most important areas of your page details. 

Category and description. 

Address, opening hours, phone number, website. 

Profile and cover photo. 

Page web address. 

Some features follow their policies of requiring a certain amount of likes before changes can be made. Just come back to the steps that you can't complete right away.

Get the word out about your Page to your friends and customers

Share it in your personal profile and let people know what you're up to! If you feel comfortable, ask your closest friends to share or send your link to those they think would love to check it out.

You can also invite people to like your page directly from your page. 

Spend a bit of time on organic posts

Make a nice welcome to your business post that you can share to groups through Facebook. The link will preview your page's cover photo, so you don't have to include a pre-made graphic. 

This can be a great way to get used to posting in groups, putting together different write-ups, etc. 

Promote your Page

Create a 'Likes Campaign' for your page. You will need an ad account for this and it does have a cost but you can set your budget, even for as low as $1.25 a day. 

It's a great way to do a quick promotion of your brand and what your page will have to offer in terms of value. The 'ad' shows itself in people's news feed, like the sponsored ads you've likely spotted yourself.

** Please remember that Facebook does change this process almost every year so check their process before doing an ad. If you need help, let us know in the Facebook group! **

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