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About Usborne

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Fifty years after founding Usborne Books, Peter still claims that parenthood has been the greatest privilege of his life, and that publishing children’s books has been an extension of that.

The Usborne family is an actual family: a dad, Peter Usborne, and two kids, Nicola Usborne and Martin Usborne.

Peter’s son, Martin Usborne, runs his own publishing company: Hoxton Mini Press. The three Usbornes – Peter, Nicola and Martin – together run The Usborne Foundation, a charity founded by the Usborne family which harnesses research, design and technology to create playful media addressing issues from literacy to health


The huge, global family of kids who are growing up discovering the world through Usborne books are at the heart of everything we do.

Children have a lot of questions, and every single question is a good one. We believe in encouraging kids to investigate and discover the answers for themselves – expanding their minds and growing their confidence along the way. Sparking children's curiosity is what we exist to do.

During the decades that we've been making books for children, our family has grown: Usborne books are now read (and loved, and re-read) by children all over the world. They are passed down through families, from one sibling to another and now even through generations.

One reason why our books are loved by children everywhere is because we anticipate, answer and encourage curious questions in a way that children love, and parents trust. Creating a global community of curious kids is really important to all of us at Usborne.

So we're glad that you've found us, and hope that you'll want to become part of the Usborne family.

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