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Looking for Your Tribe?

STOP, you’ve FOUND it!

There's an endless variety of reasons why women join our team. Everyone’s WHY looks a little different and out of over 2600 people on our team, its safe to say we have a wide variety of personalities and characters!


Why Join Usborne?


Let's put aside wanting to add a stream of income to your household for a minute and let's talk about the other reasons why so many women join Usborne.


Exceptional, High Quality Books!


We promote a quality educational product that people feel good about. Books are not a fad or the latest trinket. They are the foundation of learning in every childs life and their importance will never diminish or go out of style.


We are Creative, Intelligent Women! 


Once we have kids quite often our lives become laundry, cleaning, diapers and snack time. This can be so hard for us because we all have talents and skills and just crave something to put our minds to. Having an Usborne Books business will allow you to have a little something for yourself while still caring for your family.



You’d be surprised how many women join our team because they need and want the friendship of a group of women to connect with. When you join our team, you gain friends across the country in an instant who are always there to help and support you :)


Work when it works for you. There is no longer a need for anyone to be a slave to a
“Job” when you can build your own business and design your own hours around your family and other things you love.

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