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Building a  Team

The biggest misconception about recruiting is that you need to know everything before you start building a team.

That couldn't be further from the truth.

We have seen consultants join and recruit people in the same day!

The great thing about our team is that we work so great as a unit!

That means that our team works collectively to help train your new team members. In our Facebook group, there are always consultants available to help, whether it's to help you in recruiting or to help your new recruits.

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Building a team could result in you replacing a full-time income job

These results aren't typical but if you're driven, motivated and don't give up you could join many of our consultants who were able to give up their full-time jobs (or earn more than their husbands)!

All thanks to consistency and support!

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Once you decide you want to build a team, you then must come up with a team name!!!
Very exciting!

You can get your team recognized for success with sales and recruiting.
You can talk about how you proud you are of your team when promoting your business!

Get creative!
What would your team name be??


The most important thing is to be yourself and be genuine in your recruiting. This can mean many things:

-> using verbiage that sounds like you

-> understand your comfort zone and aim to gradually push it further at your own pace

-> don't take no's as a personal attack

-> make your own personal graphics (preferably branded with your own logo)

-> get as personal with your story and your why as you are comfortable

How can you recruit?

Most consultants advertise for recruits in the same way they advertise for hosts or sales. 

This means you can run paid ads on Facebook or Google but you can also post organically in groups online as well. 

Just always keep in mind following group rules is a must and you can find up to date information online regarding what words to use or avoid for ads. 

Our consultants also have a lot of success with recruiting within their parties, as parties are such a perfect environment to showcase not just the books but how fun and simple the business can be. 

And of course, just being present.

Get out there. Do events. Advertise yourself in as many ways as you can. The more attention you give your business, the more those people who are going to be curious about whether they could do it will see you.



Building a team has a number of benefits! 

If you start early, you get extra incentives for gaining active team members. 

In our Success Path program (your first 12 weeks), once you aim for Gold and beyond, these require recruiting to achieve them. 

And for every additional person that you recruit who goes active during this time earns you an extra $25 in free books on top of what each Success Path level offers. 

Beyond that, what's the bigger picture?

If you look at our compensation plan, you'll clearly see that our leadership levels are where the money is. 

Signing up team members who also want to work the business earns you paid bonuses straight from Usborne. 

You aren't paid out of any other consultant's commission, which is wonderful because this does happen with other companies!

Take a look at the compensation plan, available for download in your Virtual Office, and really decide what level you want to reach. 

Incorporate this into your goal planning!

Another great benefit to building your team?

You get to meet and connect with more people! Some of them will end up being people you talk to almost every day.

This business is amazing for bringing people together!

In summary, your entire downline could be the thing that changes your life forever! So definitely keep that in mind as you build your business. Every single person in your downline should be able to come to you if they need support and feel included on their team. 

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Daycares / Preschools

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