It's important to start off with the right information when building a business. Take a look at some of the important things to note about Usborne and our websites. 


We have two very important websites at our disposal:

-> our virtual office, where you can create party links, place orders, track your shipments, check your monthly commissions, etc.

Your virtual office can be found here:

-> our graphics/training portal, where our amazing Lori & Sarah provide graphics to be used for promoting and social media as well as trainings on how to use our virtual office and party planning system 

Find the graphics portal here: and click on the Consultant Downloads section on the top right


Our team has numerous resources to help you connect with other consultants, leaders and to get access to helpful information about events, new books, etc.

The main team group provides answers to just about any question you could have, as well as bonus business trainings you won't find anywhere else!

Join Brandy's main team group here: 

You should also join your provincial group for the team to stay up to date on what's going on around you, including events.

If you are a leader or plan to jump into those leadership roles, joining all of the provincial groups is a great idea!

Eastern Canada:

Ontario and Quebec:

Saskatchewan and Manitoba:


What a lot of consultants don't know when they sign up is that there are several Usborne's! 

Usborne Publishing is the head publishing company in the UK. They also have Usborne Books at Home, in the UK and Europe, that is a consultant based business. 

They've since brought Usborne Books at Home to Canada. We are a separate consultant based company that operates only within Canada. We have an entirely separate set of logos, websites, etc. 

In the United States, Usborne is also a consultant based business there in the form of Usborne Books and More (the 'and more' is the Kane Miller publisher - so they actually sell books from two different publishers). 

It's important to note that these three consultant based businesses are independent of each other. We do not recruit or sell to anyone outside of Canada and we only have access to the books that are available to us here - over 2000 titles!!!