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Leadership Opportunities

Is Leadership for YOU?

The world is online and there has never been a better time than now to secure a strong, consistent stream of income that can be managed entirely online from home, or from wherever you might be!


You don’t need to be a natural born leader or have leadership experience to move into Leadership with Usborne Books. If leading a team of sales consultants interests you, we will provide you with the training necessary to do it!


I can’t imagine not having a team at this point. Working with my team is 100% my absolute favourite part about this business and I wouldn’t change it for anything.


Leadership Income Potential


If steady income is one of the things you are looking for from your Usborne Books business, then you’ll most certainly want to build a team.


As your team builds, so does your income. Usborne has multiple promotion levels and as you work your way up, you make more and more money. Income potential is unlimited and is based entirely on how much time you put into your business.


The BIGGEST benefit of a business like this is you DO get exactly what you put into it.


So, the only question left is, how much money do you want to make?


Think BIG and chase those dreams of what financial freedom would do for you and your family!


For the Numbers People


Here is some basic information on earning percentages as an Usborne Leader just to give you an idea:

Senior Team Leader / Executive Team Leader

- earn a minimum of 5% sales bonus on your Central Group Sales

- earn a minimum of 2% sponsoring bonus on the sales of your active recruits


Senior Executive Team Leader

- $500 monthly cash bonus



- $1000 monthly cash bonus


Senior Director

- $2000 monthly cash bonus


Executive Director

- $3000 monthly cash bonus


Senior Executive Director

- $4000 monthly cash bonus

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