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Launch Party

Oooohh, launch party time - so exciting!!

Why is a Launch Party important?

Let us count the ways!!


We have a training group set up  that runs as an example party

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You can advertise on Facebook!

Later in the training modules you'll find a section all about running ads on Facebook.
It's a great option when you are looking for party hosts, inviting people into a recruit group, maybe to expand your VIP group, etc.

We give you information on how to run different types of ads so that you can test out what may work for what you need.

** You need a business page to advertise so don't skip the step on making a page for your business - you'll wish you had it from the beginning!! **

Party Games Tip

If you feel comfortable you can create your own party games.
You can do a Google search for "online party games" and get a ton of ideas.
Many of the graphics you find online will be from other companies so we want to avoid using graphics with other logos, especially Usborne Books & More in the USA.

Find lots of fun game options in our Facebook team group. If you create your own, feel free to share with the team!


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Graphics Training

We have various trainings on creating graphics for your business but right now we want to focus on what you need by this step!

Most of our consultants use Canva for making graphics because it's so easy to use once you know what features you really need, so check out this training video on how to create what you need for your launch party group:
- cover photo
- pinned post

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One of the most IMPORTANT things to note when doing any events, whether your launch party, a special event party, etc. is to personally invite your guests.

What does that look like?

It means reaching out to your guests in the method and manner that is natural to you and simply saying:
"hey, I just joined with Usborne and thought you might like to check out what I'll be doing in my launch party! Here is the link in case you'd like to join. No pressure to purchase!"

Word the basis of this message in your own words. Simply put, you just want to share what you're doing and invite people to check it out.
It's that simple.
If you're comfortable, you can even let them know that it's okay for them to invite their friends and family too. 

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There are just a few important steps to prep for your launch party:

1. Decide on a Business Name

2. Create a Facebook Page

3. Decide on the date for your launch party! 

Let's break it down some more!

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Your business name should be more about what you and your 'brand' will represent than Usborne books themselves.

You and your business are BIGGER than simply being an Usborne consultant. 


Because as you grow and learn, you will become so much more than a consultant.

For your customers and followers, you become ...

-> a personal shopper

-> the one who provides the perfect book recommendation

-> the book pal with reading tips

and pretty much anything that links literacy and parenting together!

What's important to think about:

Your name and brand should relate to what you want to achieve. 

Are you hoping to raise awareness about the importance of literacy from birth?

Do you want to share fun stories and characters with the world?

Are you maybe focused on childhood learning disabilities?

Our own personal situations and circumstances change our focus, so it's okay if you want to shift your focus down the road. 

In the beginning, think about what type of name would represent your brand in a way that could be flexible to your evolving life. 

Though you can change your name at any time, it's easiest for your followers if you pick something from the beginning that you love and stick with it!

Example of simplistic business name's: 

Lena's Library (broad but memorable)

Belinda's Bookshelf (again, easy alliteration)

Literacy for Little's (focusing on those reading skills)

Kim's Book Nook (broad, but easy to remember)

Example's of brand oriented business name's:

Learning to Read with Lori (indicates a focus on early learning)

Holly's Homeschooling Hoard (you'd likely expect to see great homeschooling tips and suggestions on this page)

These are just examples! 

The point here is to focus on what you want to do.

From that you can work on a name that sounds good to you and is memorable. Maybe it will be more along the lines of a simple and vague name, and that's perfectly fine! Only get specific if you're set on creating that brand for your business. 

Also, you don't have to commit to alliteration. Sometimes it sounds nice and it's easy to remember but it won't work for everyone's name and it won't always work with your focus. 



If you have never created a Facebook page before, don't worry! 

It's actually super simple and we have some starter graphics ready for you just over in the Google Drive folder. 

Grab the printable PDF in the Google Drive as well to go through as you create your page. That will help you to avoid missing any steps!

Why is a Business Page important?

It's always the goal to gain more followers, more customers, more possible recruits (if you're looking to build a team), and to grow! 

A business page allows you that opportunity as it's public on Facebook (and even to those who don't have Facebook).

In the future you can run promotions with your page, you can create a free Facebook shop on your page, you can share the link on Facebook posts to keep people in the loop on what you're up to, and so much more!

Should you skip the business page and do a group instead?

Actually, no! 

Here's the thing: pages will help you to gain more followers so much faster than a group will, and you can always filter people into a VIP group from your page. We'll go into that further later but they serve different purposes!

FB page: gain followers, build an audience

FB group (private): get connected with your followers (more personal)

You can always share a Facebook page post to your VIP group, to your launch party, within an ad on Facebook, inside another group, etc.

Having a Facebook page will make your life easier, and we will show you more about that in just a bit! 


Concerned about what to post on a Facebook page? 

Don't be! We have tons of stuff ready for your page in the main team group:

Maybe when you signed up it was close to the end of January! That means you're getting close to Valentine's already! Search the group for "valentine" or look for Valentine graphics in the albums. 

website (2).png


What works for you?

Everyone is different so let's run through some of the ways people tackle their launch party date. 

-> if you're comfortable on camera, maybe have some experience with our books already (even have a few on hand), you can go ahead and plan your launch party within your first few days of joining! 

-> if you got so excited about seeing the books that you joined, you might want to wait for your starter kit to arrive, and that's okay!! You'll have them in roughly 2 weeks (or less - depending on your location) from when you join, so you can plan around this and also allow yourself time to spend with the books and to really distinguish your favourite aspects and features of the books.

So you have a date set ... now what?

Create a Facebook group. 

"What? But I already created a Facebook page!"

Trust us! Facebook (and every other social media platform) all work around algorithms and without going too deep into that, we want you to succeed so we are sharing the most current and most productive tips!

Facebook groups get a much greater reach with your audience than a Facebook event. 

PLUS ... when your launch party is complete, you now have a VIP group already started... with followers, some content and connections made! Super important! 

You can change the name of the group to be (as an example): (your business name)'s VIP group! Or whatever you want to call it. You can always brainstorm with other consultants in our team group if you need helping sorting this out. 

Back to the Launch Party Event

So you have your group created!

(check out the Google Drive for a printable guideline to creating your group)

Place some content in there! 

What's necessary?

-> a cover photo that includes details about the party: date and time

-> a pinned post of what people can expect

Map out what it is you want to focus on during your event!

Let's focus on our party guests. 

Imagine you have 25 who have accepted your personal invitation to check out your launch party. Maybe 20 of them you know are moms with kids under 3. 

It's definitely important to make sure you show a great variety of baby and toddler books. Also showcase what you love or are looking forward to checking out from the elementary aged books and then going into pre-teen and teen books. So many of our "teen" books are also great resource and reading material for adults, so definitely point these things out!​

Your guests will likely be shopping for gifts for their friends and family too, so showcase a bit of everything but put a focus on what their family needs might be.

We know that in starting out you might not be too familiar with our books. That's why it's very important to be in the Facebook team group so that you can pop on, ask questions at any time and get a variety of helpful consultants giving you their advice. 

Some things to make note of when planning your party? 

- how many days you want it to run for

- how many posts a day

- how many giveaways and how you will pick winners

- a game plan for your live event (recommended!!!)

website (4).png


Choose a time that works best for you and your guests!

Everyone is different with different schedules. Do your best to accommodate your guests while still working around a time that allows you to focus on your audience. 

Everyone may not be able to attend live so it's important to mention that people can catch a replay of your event. You do want to encourage them to tune in and we often recommend posting that you'll have a bonus giveaway but they have to tune in to get entered.

Camera shy?

It's okay if you want to do a pre-recorded video. Some people hate the thought of going live.

Don't worry! We have plenty of info in a later training to help with that. If you feel more comfortable recording a video to post for your launch party though, just make sure you have enough time to have it posted (scheduled is even better!)

Looking for an example layout of a live event? 

Check out the Google Drive for printable info on party layouts. 

Good luck with your party!! 

Head over to the Facebook team group to ask any questions or express any nervous jitters you may be dealing with. This is a new adventure! Let us know how we can help. 

Feel free to reach out to your sponsor and upline supervisor at any time about any part of this learning process. 

What Now?

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