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Joining the Team is Easy!


How to get started . . . 


Signing up with Usborne Books is super easy and super fast. It's all done online and takes just minutes.

When you sign up you purchase a Starter Kit that has books and supplies. The standard Starter Kit has $200 worth of books and some basic supplies and costs you $79.95

Here is what our Current Kit Contains:

Spring Starter Kit 2023_1.jpg
Spring Starter Kit 2023_4.jpg
Spring Starter Kit 2023_3.jpg
Spring Starter Kit 2023_2.jpg

Extra Discounted Books!


After signing up, members of my team have access to the following:


  • Team Training Website

  • Team Facebook Group

  • WeChat Connection

  • Video Conference Training Via Zoom

  • Audio Conference Call Training Via Clubhouse

  • Messenger Chat, Text and Email Support

  • Direct Coaching from Upline Leaders

  • Leadership Training

  • Usborne Home Office Consultant Support / Website


Ready to sign up?


Click the button to begin your journey with Usborne



Welcome to the TEAM!

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