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Home Parties

As you might expect, home parties are a lot like virtual parties.

The goal is to showcase the books, let your guests go through them, play games and get to know each other.  The more you can understand their needs, the best recommendations you can make!

Have fun, be helpful and let the books sell themselves!

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You can advertise  for hosts just like you advertise for anything else !

Your launch party is for your own network but when you want to do regular parties and need hosts, you don't want to always rely on your network to provide this.
There are people in your town or city who are outside of your network and they may love having a party. becoming a new customer, etc.

It never hurts to ask, and when you put out local info about needing hosts, they will come to you!

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One of the most IMPORTANT things to note when doing any parties is to personally invite your guests.

What does that look like?

It means reaching out to your guests in the method and manner that is natural to you and simply saying:
"hey, I am having a book party and thought you might like to check it out! Here is the info in case you'd like to join. No pressure to purchase!"

Word the basis of this message in your own words. Simply put, you just want to share what you're doing and invite people to check it out.
It's that simple.
If you have a host, relay this important message!!


If your launch party is a home party, chances are you're already comfortable with your guests. Then you just focus on letting the books get around to everyone. There's no party plan in stone that you must follow. 

If you're doing a home party for a host, then one of the fun parts is getting to know everyone. 

1. Decide on a date

2. Pick our a variety of books to bring (from book type to recommended age)

3. Make it fun with games and even giveaways (if you can!)

Let's break it down some more!

Having a comfortable space for everyone is key. Typically this will be a living room or dining room (maybe even an outdoor space) so having enough sitting space is important. 

This is a given for anyone, yourself or your host, if having a number of people over for a gathering. So the gathering itself won't be a new feeling. 

You're not expected to be an expert about every single book. If you get asked questions at any point of your business and it's a book you're not familiar with, or a new series, or simply something you can't recall on the spot... just let them know you'll find out the answer!

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Can you believe that up until 2020 some of our consultants had never done an online party? 

That means that they have kept their business going for many years with doing home parties for themselves and hosts. So we took some of their best tips to provide you with!

Use a Facebook event alongside your parties

Great reminders for those who are online. 

You can even post a teaser…

Make sure this isn’t what your host is using to invite her guests. 

The book do sell themselves! 

When customers are looking though the books, they are sold more quickly than looking at photos of them. 

A party guest saying “oh, we have this - my daughter loves it” is the best sales pitch from anyone in the room!! Let them talk, as it has more weight than coming from a sales person.

Host(ess) Coaching

  • personal invitation is super important! (gets them in direct communication with invited guests)

  • letting your host know that she is there to enjoy the party

  • will children be coming? will there be a space for them so they aren’t overly distracting?

  • host should be sending quick reminder the day before for the event

  • find out of the guests who are planning to come the ages of the kids (to tailor to those guests) but also bring a couple of different age ranges so that they know we carry books for all ages and you never know who may be shopping for gifts


Some tips for what you should be bringing and how to showcase your selected stock:

  • don’t bring too many books! you want it to look fun and easy for anyone who might want to join!

  • Put books nearby to the sitting areas so people can browse right away.

  • Stay in the same room as the guests to take part in conversations and answer questions. So keep your laptop set up where the books are !​

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Start on time - check in with your host whether everyone is in attendance. 

Do an introduction, find out everyone’s names and who they are shopping for. 

Have a selection of books to quickly go over. Do a 10-15 mins. total introduction. Pass each book around once you’re done showcasing it.

Don’t hand out catalogues to people (but you can include one in their order) … they’re so overwhelming and many aren’t currently available to order. 


Having a wishlist that they can fill in is best!


Offer to put through guest orders yourself with your laptop of iPad, or allow them to check out themselves on your website. 

How to get Bookings

Ask guests at a party if they would like to book as they are already engaged!

A healthy goal: book two parties from every party!

The best time to ask? While going over their order/wishlist/form.

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Find the Bookmark

This can really be anything you want. Don't have a bookmark? Maybe a sticker with the backing left on, or a slip of paper that says WINNER. Hide it in a book and your guests have to look for it. 

This is great because it encourages everyone to look through the books and to handle them!


Great for any party so ours are no different!

You can use trivia about our books, from our books (like our quiz or lift the flap books) or make up your own!

Your game, your rules!

Door Prize

Give away a freebie or discount to a random winner! Everyone loves these!

Get Creative!

If you have your own ideas, feel free to make your own fun home games. If you'd also like to share them with the team, you can do that in our Facebook group.


Goal Setting

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