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Welcome to the Team

It's so exciting when we join something new!

Usborne is no different!

So much to learn, so many great books to check out, and a ton of amazing people available to connect with.

This section will detail where you can find all the office training available to us consultants and how you can connect with others. 

We'll also break down some important information that is great to know when just starting out!


It's important to go through training material at your own pace, so as to not get overwhelmed. It's not a race and we're always here to help!

The first thing we recommend is connecting with your sponsor and upline leader.

If you're unsure who they are, in your Virtual Office under Reports -> Upline, you'll find all the people in your upline!

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Examples of Usborne Books at Home (UK)  graphics

Screen Shot 2021-08-16 at 6.58.07 AM.png

Examples of Usborne Books at Home (Canada)  graphics

Screen Shot 2021-08-16 at 7.06.41 AM.png

Examples of Usborne Books & More    (USA)  graphics

Screen Shot 2021-08-16 at 7.25.47 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-08-16 at 7.26.50 AM.png

Success Path

Set yourself up for success with the Usborne Success Path: your 12 week step by step, goal-driven path to starting your business off right (and giving you many opportunities to earn free books and cash!)

Find the printable Success Path in the Graphics & Training Portal mentioned above or the Google Drive!

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did you know.png

We've seen a consultant earn nearly $9000 in FREE books in her first 6 months!

Though this is far from typical, there's no limit to what you can achieve!

On average, new consultants earn roughly $500 in books during their first 6 months! This does not include commissions.
Just some food for thought! 

How much of a difference would that much in free books make for your children and their home education?


We have two very important websites at our disposal:

-> our virtual office, where you can create party links, place orders, track your shipments, check your monthly commissions, etc.

Your virtual office can be found here:

-> our graphics/training portal, where our amazing Lori & Sarah provide graphics to be used for promoting and social media as well as trainings on how to use our virtual office and party planning system 

Find the graphics portal here: and click on the Consultant Downloads section on the top right

Why is this site important? Here you can find all the training you need for your back office, email updates if you'd like to see what's been recently sent out, graphics for New Title releases, info and flyers for starter kits and any kit sales, Customer Specials, social media graphics and more!! 

Working on Laptop


Our team has numerous resources to help you connect with other consultants, leaders and to get access to helpful information about events, new books, etc


The main team group provides answers to just about any question you could have, as well as bonus business trainings you won't find anywhere else!

Join Brandy's main team group here: 




What a lot of consultants don't know when they sign up is that there are several Usborne's! 

Usborne Publishing is the head publishing company in the UK. They also have Usborne Books at Home, in the UK and Europe, that is a consultant based business (they refer to them as Organisers). 

They've since brought Usborne Books at Home to Canada. We are a separate consultant based company that operates only within Canada. We have an entirely separate set of logos, websites, etc. 

In the United States, Usborne is also a consultant based business there in the form of Usborne Books and More (the 'and more' is the Kane Miller publisher - so they actually sell books from two different publishers). 

It's important to note that these three consultant based businesses are independent of each other. We do not recruit or sell to anyone outside of Canada and we only have access to the books that are available to us here - over 2000 titles!!! 

We also don't use graphics from Usborne Books and More as they have a very specific colour scheme that is connected to their brand. Their photos will also feature books that we don't sell so we always stress how important it is to know what you are promoting.

If you're unsure, just ask a team member or your upline!



In the training portal you'll find a great download all about our order types. This is a great resource to print out and add to your Usborne binder. 

To quickly review the order types that you will likely use, it's good to have an idea before placing any order what it is that YOU need from the order and this helps to avoid any issues!

Party Order

Your launch party and any parties you host in the future for yourself or others will get placed here.

Commission: 20% to start (25% after $1000 in accumulated sales)

These orders require a minimum of $200 total sales to qualify. 

You will also need 3 separate orders for it to qualify but one of those can be the host top-up retail order.

Customer Specials can only be accessed through a party link so it's great to always have a party open so that your customers can access these. There's no additional fees to place orders through a party order, all shipping costs are the same, and orders will all direct ship (regardless if the party qualifies or not by it's close date).

You can have a party open every month where your customers can place orders, or you can place your bundle orders, event orders, etc. and then earn rewards for yourself. More on this later!!! 

Consultant Web Office Order

Commission: 20% to start (25% after $1000 in accumulated sales)

These orders require a minimum of $25 in sales in qualify. 

This is where you'd place an order if you didn't have an open event/party. 

Other party types you will learn more about as you grow, and there is a special order type for the Success Path Bronze reward so definitely check out the Success Path below!

order types.png



Launch Party

It is one of the most common questions that we get asked... 

"How much is shipping?"

We are very fortunate as a direct sales company to have great shipping costs. Books tend to be very heavy and on the bulky side, too!

We use both Canada Post and Canpar for our shipping couriers. This helps to accommodate everyone and you can choose the selected courier at checkout. 

Orders placed through a party link go right into the shipping queue and have no additional costs than a regular order. 

Orders up to $74.99 have a $10 base fee. 

For orders of $75.00 and up, a 12% shipping fee will be applied. This is 12% of the retail value of the order, not the cost.

So any discounted items added to the order will result in the full retail value of them contributing to the shipping fees. It's important to know this for our customers who like to understand their invoice fully. 

You are allowed to do free shipping promotions for your own customers and followers, if you are okay covering the amount. A lot of consultants will promote free shipping with a purchase over a certain amount, but it is totally up to you how you would like to proceed with shipping discounts. 

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