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The private section of my website is for members of my Usborne Books downline.

You will find extensive resources to help you with your business.




"Am I on your team?"

I know, its a tough one!


My team is the largest in the country and some consultants just aren’t sure if they fit into my massive team somewhere.


If you are below any of these people or have any of the following listed in your back office area as your 'upline,' then you are part of my Total Group :)

Training to Boost Your Usborne Books Business

Amanda Holmberg
Amanda Hatton

Amanda Jones

Amanda Lowe

Amanda Mackechnie

Amie McGregor

Ashley Fortin

Bree Ingrassia

Bridgette Rollins

Brooke MacLean

Christine Clements

Cody Lynn Pratt

Crystal Gamache

Crystal Jeffrey

Dana Duggan

Dani Burt

Heather Bratrud

Helen Yi Liu
Janelle Chambers

Jasmine Yu Shan

Jen Bergmann

Jennifer Deus

Jessie Ross

Jillian Detellis

Joelle Umandap

Jordynne Metheral

Kara Hughes

Karen Sarong
Karmin Marks

Katie Scott

Kelly Webster

Lacey Wilson

Laura Swinburne

Lauren McTaggart

Linda Gonzalez

Louise Toews

Maria Hernandez

Megan Lunter

Meghan Racine
Michelle Cooke

Melissa Ratcliffe
Michelle Fleming

Monica Zafarzadeh

Nadine Simmons

Nicole McCloud

Rachel Clarke

Rebecca Zhang

Rebekkah Zigby Leitner
Renee Kinee

Sam Francis

Sara Chubey

Sarah Hunter

Sarah Tinson

Shaaron Zack

Shayna Thompson

Sheena Langlois

Sylvie De Sousa
Tanya Lavallee

Val Fafard

Xiao Qiao Deng

If you've joined our amazing team, you can connect with other consultants and leaders in our Facebook training group!
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