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Daycares & Preschools

It's essential to promote literacy for the young learners. So often we see that parents or caregivers will accept that kids don't enjoy reading when really they just haven't connected with what they're reading.

We're all different and we all have different tastes in books!

As consultants, we have a unique opportunity to showcase such a wonderful variety in our books so that parents can find the right reading material for their child. 

Never stop learning about our books! We have titles released monthly and we want to always know what titles make the best recommendations.

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25% of kids  going into Sr. Kindergarten and grade 1  are reading below their  grade level. 

This comes from not being properly prepared to learn. 

  • Studies show a child’s vocabulary at age 5 is a predictor of vocabulary at age 17.

  • Intervention prior to age five can change a child’s vocabulary acquisition trajectory.

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Children under the age of 4 who hear and tell stories at home are the most likely to have ease and interest in learning to read when they get to school.
That's how important having books around can be!


Everyone's first thought with daycares & preschools is whether they're allowed to approach them and how to even do this!!

To start, yes, you can approach daycares and preschools without being certified with your education specialist training. 

These centres are much smaller than our schools and therefore do not require school orders. These orders are best submitted as party orders (so that they get the free rewards) or even exhibit orders (if this financially makes sense for the size of the order).

What to say?

First, find out who you need to speak to! 

If you have a child in one of the programs then you likely know who to reach out to in discussing creating an event, maybe a fundraiser page and link, whatever it is that suits you and your customer. 

And if you don't know anyone, it's not a hard thing to find out because you simply just ask someone that works at that business who you would talk to about getting them some awesome free books for the kids. That's it! 

Super simple! 

You can also create a flyer that works universally for daycares so that you're only creating it once, putting all your info, the possibilities of how they can earn freebies, etc. 

Maybe you could run them as a Mega Party if you've got several locations who want to participate. Maybe you could run it during a double host rewards period and get some great books donated to a cause of their choice, or just extra books for the kids!

Daycares are typically fairly small, so even if you're using their orders to top up onto your own and you provide them with the rewards, it's a great way to get connected to new people. Those parents and daycare providers will likely be repeat customers!

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Preschools don't differ much from daycares, though they are typically larger. Some daycares are run in certified homes, whereas preschools are more official. They follow structure in a similar way that schools do, as that's the whole point of them!

So it's great that we have books that are great for that early school age learning. We have a number of books that prep kids for what to expect in going to school, so these are great books to showcase for your preschools.

Run a book fair!

If you're able to create a display where parents are able to browse the books, such as an event hosted by the preschool (like an open house, etc.) then you'd essentially be holding a book fair with them to earn the centre free books. 

You can provide all parents with an order sheet or a shopping link set up specifically for the event. 


How you would approach a preschool would be quite the same as a daycare, unless it is apart of a larger organization or school. 

If that's the case, we recommend contacting the person who would decide whether they would host an event with you and you would present the benefits to choosing Usborne books (and yourself).

What books are best?

Some organizations will want to see some sample books before deciding and some will be full-on excited about getting some Usborne titles for their kids. 

We have a lot of great early learning choices, so look out for short fictional stories (our Phonics books are a great option) and some non-fiction too (our Beginners series has a ton of great picks for a great price)! 

As you might already do with parties, show the value of our titles!

You can get Phonics books for less than $10 but you can get a collection of them for just $10-15 more. So definitely showcase the savings in these types of titles so that you are touching on their needs - financially and as a customer looking for quality books. 

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Education Specialist

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